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Operational Psychologist
Peter Cambor

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Specialties: He is able to profile suspects and gives operational support for the agents
plays the harmonica and banjo, and ping pong, and can beat you at Pictionary
Personality Type:

Quiet, Only talks when needed

Quirks: funny way he smiles and holds his mouth
Weakness(es): Not very good at being an agent. Doesn't know how to handle a gun. Can't handle his alcohol
Strength(s): Thinks very logically. Able to profile suspects and analyze them. He is a very good listener. Gives good advice.

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  • Nate and his father would build things out of legos. Not very good with cars.
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  • He and Hetty get along pretty well. He is the least afraid of her and is the best to tell her bad news
  • He and Kensi get along pretty well. She confides to him about her father. He gives her a lot of advice.
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Chinatown Nate went out in the field. Uncovered a silent Chinese sleeper cell of agents that would have gone well into the future.
Legend 1 Macy confides in Nate about the history between she and Gibbs
Legend 2 Nate tells Gibbs the complete story of the evidence Macy covered up
Ambush Was in charge while Hetty was out. Led the militia operation at Ops.
Brimstone Finds out Stanton Olin, the paranoid marine, was lying about what he did in Iraq and after he gave his bible to him, Nate figures out that Olin is going to commit suicide.
G ,Callen
Found out that someone has been watching Callen since he went into his first foster home. When ever Callen went to a new foster home, his new address was written in the same handwriting as it happened. Hetty says that someone's been watching Callen all these years.
Human traffic Has his passport packed because Hetty is sending him on a mysterious assignment. hope you come back?


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Mulchahy Nate (page: 1 2) 21 May 27 2011, 6:36 PM EDT by bookworm100
Thread started: Nov 15 2009, 8:58 AM EST  Watch
I get this feeling that Nate is a troubled person. There have been 7 episodes and I feel like we got to know him best in Legend from the regular NCIS. Callen seems to get mad at him a lot and he is unsure of what to do sometimes. Maybe it is just early in the season, but we know the least about him and he knows the most about everyone else. I like him because he is secretive or maybe the team doesn't let him voice what he thinks. So far I have only seen him talk a bunch with Hetty and sometimes Kensi. I just find it wierd.
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TXJ Nate not Gone - Cambor twitters TV Guide link 1 Oct 7 2010, 9:36 PM EDT by TXJ
Thread started: Oct 7 2010, 9:35 PM EDT  Watch
I can't get the news feed to work right so I'll just post it here The below is a copy/paste from tv guild.

On Tuesday's NCIS: Los Angeles, team psychologist Nate returned from his top-secret assignment, only to leave again by episode's end. Is he gone for good?

"I don't think this is the last you'll see of Nate," Peter Cambor tells of his character's arc. "It's kind of a big mystery. If there's not a bullet in my head, I'm not gone. It's left open-ended for some reason, and that adds to the mystery."

Cambor says he's been sworn to secrecy by executive producer Shane Brennan, who first pitched the storyline to Cambor last season. "I was like, 'Oh, that's different than what I thought it was going to be,' but I totally understand the reasons," Cambor says. "It's just part of the deal."

"It's a really exciting profession in the sense that you don't know what the next day's going to bring," he says. "It can be awesome, crazy, surprising and scary, but that's part of why I signed up to do this. In a strange way, being an NCIS agent is a microcosm for the entertainment business."

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