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Junior Field Agent, Office of Special Projects, NCIS

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Specialties: Destroying cars
Lip Reading
Speaks Fluent Spanish/Portuguese

Personality Type:
Feisty attitude, impulsive but smart

  • She seems to love the opportunity to bust up a vehicle and shoots over chili dogs!
  • Never goes on a second date...she's got rules about that!
Weakness(es): Bites her nails, afraid of hair
  • Quick thinking (within a few seconds and with few resources, she was able to convincingly deter a suspects suspicions away from her in 1x02 "The Only Easy Day")
  • Undercover work (Kensi is flawless as the hacker Razor Mantis and perfect as a superficial former high school classmate in "Predator" and "Search and destroy".)
  • She knows Morse Code and is able to communicate with Sam in order to save him and Callen
  • Can take on any man no matter the size

In "Identity" , we learn from Callen that Kensi grew up a Marine brat who still makes the weekend drive up to Pendleton. She also speaks Portuguese (while arguing on the phone) and Callen implies that she was talking to her parents. **Edit-according to our resident translators, she was actually threatening to bust up a car that had parked in front of her garage**

In "The Only Easy Day", Kensi tells Dominic that Callen and Sam used to make her crawl into air vents and she went on assignment wearing a thong when she was the new girl, though since then she's "proved herself". We also see her carve up another car (which seems to be her secret hobby) and introduces Dom to the "glamorous world of undercover work" when she has to pee in a bag in the backseat while they are on a stake-out. It's hinted at that she has anger or impulse issues as Sam tells Callen that Nate is "debriefing Kensi on her shooting over a pink chili dog" at the end of the episode.

In "Predator", Kensi explains the rationale of never going on a second date, seeing as she's always bored by the other time around and prefers to break everything off on the best terms. This is a running gag throughout the episode and is implied to be something the others on the team love to tease her about. Callen even gives her a mean jab over the death of one of the leads they were following.

There are no new Kensi developments in "Search and Destroy", though it seems Kensi is second only to G when it comes to becoming someone else.

In "Killshot" Kensi apparently knows how to read lips when she uses this skill to get info out of the secretive brother and sister in law of the murdered DARPA project worker. Nate knows about this skill, though none of the others seem to.

In "Brimstone" we find out about Kensi's Father and Fiancé. Her father died when she was 15 and her fiancé was killed during a tour of Afghanistan. She is having trouble because of something a suspect said when she went undercover, and Hetty helps her with it. This just affirms the relationship between these two women.

  • "You already walk funny, Nate!" (when Nate asks if he can carry a gun in an ankle holster)
  • "Not today, Boys." (Pointing a gun at a couple of thugs when she smashes her own car window out so she can go to a garage and plant a bug)
  • "Yeah, try being the new girl!" (telling newbie Dom all about her 'initiation' when he complains about being 'the new guy'.)
  • "They used to make me crawl into air vents just because I was the smallest one, and when was the last time any of you had to wear a bikini on assignment? That's right, try hiding a gun in your thong!" (what she told Dom)
  • "Welcome to the glamorous world of undercover work" (when she has to pee in a bag while she and Dom are on a stakeout, which unnerves Dom)
  • "Well there, I can't pee now, you happy? If I pee my pants. you're paying for the dry cleaning!" (to Dom when the suspect is on the move from the parking lot)

  • Kensi speaks Fluent Spanish/Portuguese, just like the actress Daniela Ruah.
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  • She seems to get on great with Callen, and gives him a hug when he gets back. Callen calls her his favorite agent.
  • She and Nate also have a great dynamic. She takes him along to see a kidnap victims mother, and has a funny bit of banter for him when he asks if he can carry a gun.
  • Kensi and Dom bond over being the junior agents and she gives him a little pep talk to make him more comfortable with the others.
  • Kensi and Hetty respect each other. They bond over the fact that they are the only women on the team, and Hetty is able to comfort Kensi when times are tough.

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Legend Part 2 Kensi's very own running gag of her carving up cars is developed.

The Only Easy Day

Killshot Kensi lipreads!
Brimstone Kensi's past is established. It is suggested that Her father died when she was 15 and her Fiancé died on a tour of Afghanistan.
The Bank Job Kensi Gets shot. She also brings in a bunch of special items because there has been a break in around where she lives. She talks to Nate more about her father.


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